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Vivatia is a Digital Information Management leading company that offers solutions to different organizations that want or have the need to optimize its administrative and business processes. The aim of the firm is to offer solutions that lead to a constant and sustained growth of competitive advantages throughout time.

Vertical solutions
The vertical solutions satisfy specific needs of businesses that belong to the same industry sector.
Horizontal solutions
Horizontal solutions satisfy needs that are common to every business regardless their industrial sector.

Latest news


Due to the World Environment Day, this june 5th, Vivatia announces a plan with important markdown on its products for those companies that commit to reduce between a 10% and a 20% the paper generation and management during the next year.


At the beginning of this month, the development and construction stage of the project "Thuban Collection and Payment" was finished. This project was successfully implemented in Mindshare using the platform's latest version.

The solution has two workflows which interact in the following areas of the company: Planning, Finances, Treasury, Collection, Payment and Reception.

Furthermore, a new workflow is being developed to manage the administrative expenses.


This agreement symbolizes the beginning of Vivatia’s commercial expansionist plan: it comprises the distributors’ appointment and the commercialization delegation in different countries.