International Year of Forests


The United Nations General Assembly proposed that 2011 should be considered the International Year of Forests. On the occasion of this celebration, several activities will be carried out to raise consciousness in society about the problems the forest resources suffer in the whole planet and stop their deterioration.

According to estimates of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), during the period 2000-2010, almost 33 million acres of forest were lost. There are several reasons, all of them, caused by men: over exploitation and illegal tree felling, change to agriculture and animal breeding, inadequate soil use, oil and mining exploitation, construction of roads and levees, environmental fragmentation, forest fires and atmospheric contamination, among others.

This year’s aim is to raise global awareness and increase efforts to recover and preserve the forest. Several activities to promote sustainable management, preservation and development of forests will be carried out and also the exchange of strategies to prevent deforestation and degradation will be encouraged.

From their side, Vivatia is particularly committed with the environmental care and looks forward to promote actions that allow its partners and clients to reduce the use of paper by implementing digital document management software platforms.

More information

According to reports from the World Bank:

  • Over 1,600 million people from the poorest countries in the world can survive thanks to the food, materials, water and medicines that they obtain from plants and trees.
  • • Trees are shelter for 80% of the global biodiversity of plants and animals. Its destruction put several species in danger of extinction.
  • Forest resources play a key part in the climate changes. They absorb the carbon dioxide, which is one the main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.