Vivatia's New Website


With the purpose of getting closer to its clients and business partners, Vivatia has redesigned its website.

This site has an innovative and easy to navigate design, is Multilanguage (Spanish-English) and is integrated with social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and FlickR.

It includes download sections, forums, wikis, on-line training and a section that allows the tickets’ creation and tracking. Furthermore, you can find updated information or subscribe to the Newsletter.

The site is orientated towards our main product, Thuban® and counts with an online shopping to acquire the service packages through PayPal or other means of payment. You can also see a demo of the product totally free.

Why should I register on the website?

Vivatia invites all its visitors to log in its website. The domain registration is absolutely free, it does not generate any kind of mail, and the data is reservedly managed to preserve the user’s privacy. Once the user is registered, he obtains access to diverse and new tools according to his profile.

Download area

The download area allows the quick and easy contents’ download, such as: Thuban® system update (patches), users’ handbooks and administration guides, documentation support, commercial presentations and solutions’ catalogues for diverse industrial and commercial areas.


On this area the users can find solutions to frequent problems and documentation of the product.

Thubanpedia (Thuban’s Wikipedia)

Thubanpedia is a new work area that allows the users to Access to Thuban® updated information and documentation. This section seeks to generate an interactive environment where users and tool’s developers are able to share and explain their own experiences and to document certain product’s features.


The forums are a route through which the growing community members can get in touch, post questions and share experience and knowledge.