Vivatia’s solutions have been implemented in outstanding entities such as Comafi Bank, Galicia Bank, BBVA, Citibank, Visa and the Presidency of the Argentine Nation, among others.


Asociart ART is an insurance company specialized in Work Risk Management that was created in 1996 and ever since, it carries on its activity occupying a leadership position in the sector.

It is committed to contribute to the prevention of accidents and to offer the most efficient customer assistance to workers, providing concrete answers and noticeable advantages.

Since January of 2013, it counts with 107.558 companies and 1.049.613 workers insured, which reflects its capability to provide solutions adapted to the necessities of every sector.

BBVA Horizonte

BBVA Horizonte Pensions and Severances is a BBVA enterprise dedicated to the administration of social security resources through its Mandatory Pensions Fund, Severances Fund and the Voluntary Pensions Fund, which are used to satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients, in terms of service, investment, profitability, and security of the contributions made to the different funds.

Galeno ART

Galeno ART provides a real support for the work environment, a comprehensive and interdisciplinary coverage, with prevention (training and management), technical and legal counselling, service quality and superior medical quality.

It counts with 900.000 insured workers, 38.000 client companies, 21 branches throughout Argentina, 5 own medical centres and a national network of over 1000 medical providers, 30 emergency providers and 1.200 pharmacies.

Havas Media Group

Havas Media Group gathers together the media talent within Havas, one of the leading global communications and marketing groups.

It is made up of two media brands, Havas Media and Arena both of which work alongside Havas Sports & Entertainment, the industry’s largest global brand engagement network.

Ace Group

As part of the ACE Group, one of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance providers, ACE Latin America has access to a wide operations network with strong business roots throughout the countries and markets it serves.

With an experienced team and a history of more than 25 years in several countries, ACE is positioned as a leader in facilitating comprehensive and efficiently placed local and regional insurance solutions.


MediaCom is the world's third-largest media agency network and is part of GroupM, the biggest media investment management operation globally.

According to independent data from Recma, MediaCom was responsible for planning and buying media worth $24.9billion in 2010, making it the third-largest agency network in the world.


Their knowledge of the market and their vocation to attend the clients’ needs allow them to create to design the most effective solutions for the care of enterprises and their people.

Nowadays, with over 68,000 enterprises as their clients in the whole country, a team of 117 account executives highly qualified and a net of branches that provide coverage and answers to every request thanks to a group of assessors and business representatives, BBVA Consolidar is the most important private insurance group of Argentina.

Galicia Bank

Founded in 1905, Galicia Bank is one of the principal private banks of the argentinian financial system and is leader in the provision of financial services in the whole country. As a universal bank (and throughout the different associated companies and resellers), they offer a wide range of financial services to over 4, 2 million clients.

Itaú Bank

Itaú Bank is among the fifteenth most important financial institutions of the world with a total of assets that rises up to U$D 356, 6 billons.

With over 60 years of experience and leadership, it possesses 45 millions clients, a net of 4,900 points of sales that includes branches, customer service centers, and 30,000 ATMs.


Citi was established in Argentina in 1914 and it was the first branch of an american bank established outside the United States.

Citi offers a wide variety of products and services destined to satisfy and exceed the customers’ needs and expectations, either for individual, investors, major international and local enterprises, financial institutions, government entities and /or small and medium enterprises.

Presidency of the Argentine Nation
Barcelona City Council

According to the Barcelona City Charter, one of the basic criteria in the organization of the city is that the political aspects of law making, policy making and control, must be clearly differentiated from the administrative functions. For this reason, there are two levels of organization within the Barcelona City Council: the political and the administrative branch.

United Nations Organization

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.


Brújula is a company that analyzes their clients’ needs and work as assessor during the process of selecting the adequate solutions for their business. They help them choose the most profitable technologies and later, if the client wants, they participate or take full responsibility in the development and implementation of the chosen solution.

It is integrated by a group of companies and counts with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Seville, and a team of 125 highly qualified professionals.

Banco de La Pampa

Their mission is to become a retail, commercial bank of national coverage with innovative and highly qualified financial services which generate value to their stockholders, employees, clients and the whole society.

They focus in providing efficient solutions to the needs of individuals, families, small and medium enterprises and the agricultural and livestock sector. As a financial agent of the argentinian province, La Pampa, they compromise to maintain their local leadership and consolidate the regional participation.

Credicoop Bank

From its origins, Credicoop Bank Limited Cooperative is a genuine cooperative organization. It is a non-profit organization that, with the purpose of mutual help, has set its objective to provide financial services to all of their members.

Credicoop is run by its own members who choose the members of the Administrative Council. Furthermore, all members can participate of the bank’s institutional life thanks to the Member’s Commission that work in every branch and that collaborate with the Administrative Council.

Diners Club Internacional

Diners Club International is the best way of introducing yourself around the world because it is accepted in more than 4 million establishments in more than 175 countries. Diners also offers exclusive advantages because it has agreements with several firms.

The objective of Diners is to become the preferred mean of payment thanks to their market knowledge, their focus on the clients and innovation; guided by ethical principles and responsibility.

Mercantil Andina

Over 80 years’ tradition of accomplishing their obligations gave them an excellent reputation inside the insurance market of Argentina.

In the past years, they grew a 140% and they were able to position themselves among the 15th most important insurance companies of Argentina.

Nowadays they have over 200,000 insured and 45 offices distributed strategically in 12 provinces of Argentina.

Protección Mutual

From the beginning, Protección introduced itself as an attractive alternative, supported by an interesting service strategy, the excellence of their services and the diversity of clients’ portfolio; offering coverage to all sorts of transport enterprises, whether they provide short or long distance transportation or special services among Argentina.

From the beginning they created a wide net of assistance for incidents, which included specialists in different matters, always available.


Provencred Financial Services is an Enterprise that specializes in designing short to medium term financial solutions for personal or family projects applying their criteria of fast response to clients, simplicity in the transactions and ability to adapt to specific cases.

It has an experience of over 35 years in the financial system and since 1999 is member of the Citigroup.

Supervielle Bank

With a tradition of five generations of bankers in Argentina and the world, Supervielle Bank has experience that allows them to know deeply the needs of the argentinian market.

Supervielle is a bank with wide regional coverage created to attend and satisfy the needs of different market sectors. With a highly competitive position, they cover all the financial activities thanks to a solid team of professionals who generates better benefits for their clients.

The Capita Corporation

The Capita Corporation is the leasing leading company of Argentina. From the beginning, they offered services to different clients from SME to major enterprises, to which they offer the best financing options to acquire and update their equipments.

Nowadays, TCC has agreements with more than 50 providers of capital goods and more than 2000 clients.

Their different products offer the greatest possibilities for financing and technological update contributing to the modernization and growth of the enterprises.


Maxus is a global network of local media agencies with services including communications strategy, media planning and buying, digital marketing, social media strategy, SEO, PPC, direct response media, data analytics, and marketing ROI evaluation.

Their team of around 2,000 people across 55 markets worldwide, work for some of the world’s most well-known advertisers, and Maxus has been the fastest growing agency network in 2010, 2011 and 2012. (Source: Recma)


Fraterna is a young cooperative that has a history as part of the group of companies of the social economy. With strong roots in Argentina, they have been providing financial services to individuals and families for several years.

They are different from the rest because of their working methods and because they dedicate to provide specific solution for their clients.


Mindshare is a multinational company that manages advertising spaces in several mass media such as television, radios and magazines. Counts with nearly 6000 employees distributed in 67 countries of the 5 continents. Only in the offices in Argentina, around 200 people are employed.


The purpose of Visa Argentina S. A. is to help the credit card issuers to administrate and process transactions, implement actions that encourage the preference of the company, as well as help them achieve efficient service according to the highest quality standards.

Comafi Bank

Comafi Bank is one of the argentinian private banks whose growth has been the most significant of the past years. As a universal commercial bank it operates in every sector: retailers, SME, corporative, foreign trade, investments, private banking and fiduciary business.

BBVA Francés Bank

BBVA Francés Bank is in one of the highest positions in the argentine financial system. By being able to adapt to the changing market conditions, they have maintained a leadership position.