Quality policy

Vivatia is absolutely committed to its clients. Therefore, it seeks to offer only high quality products and services. Following these principles, Vivatia has certified its quality system under ISO 9001:2000. This certification has been released by the Argentinean Institute of Normalization and Certification, under the registration number 9000-0001683. The certification reaches every process rendered by the company, including the information capture services.

The safeguarding of an updated and constantly-evolving quality policy gives the possibility to:

  • Reach a continuous improvement of the administrative and business processes.
  • Offer important competitive advantages to clients and business partners.
  • Fulfill the clients’ requirements and needs.
  • Keep the clients 100% satisfied with the service.

Quality handbook

Next, the company’s quality policy will be detailed. For that purpose, an extract from the quality handbook will be transcribed:

Count on a Quality Management System that suits the national and international requirements and that keeps constantly evolving.

  1. To continuously improve the products and services, not just to get a zero-fault but also to positively impress those who use it.
  2. To warrant the clients’ approval throughout the offered solutions’ quality and innovation.
  3. To offer the clients the possibility to back up in technology, knowledge and the company’s capacity, by supporting them in their new undertakings and in the sustained improvement of its current solutions.
  4. To permanently seek for processes’ improvement opportunities through innovation and integration of new technologies.
  5. To offer professional and humanistic development possibilities to the company’s workers, so that their personal fulfillment may be reflected in the company’s products and services.
  6. To encourage the teamwork and the collaboration among workmates, clients, business partners and suppliers.
  7. To astound our clients with the innovation and originality of our solutions.
  8. To engage and assist the suppliers so that they share the company’s quality policies.