Social responsibility

Considering the company’s social responsibility, one of our aims is to contribute with the consolidation of a much more democratic, pacific and healthy society. We believe that the following areas must not be disregarded; for that reason we have decided to apply our knowledge and capacities.

Universalize the access to knowledge and education

We look forward to the constant and active promotion of knowledge and information access for every member of the society. The aim of this action is to obliterate the copious gaps and knowledge barriers that exist nowadays. We consider that knowledge and education are priceless tools for the individual and social improvement; that lead to an economical but also spiritual enhancement.
In this sense, our objective is to promote the knowledge generation and distribution. That is why we encourage educational initiatives, training events, and information access’ targeted projects. Hence, our tasks are concerned with the streamlining of the knowledge generation process and its flow.

Promote the environment respect and care

We are also concerned about our natural environment; accordingly, our projects are guided by the intention of carefully using the available resources.
Our company is targeted to digital solutions that look forward to minimize the enormous amount of paper that organizations use every day. The development and execution of digital information management entails a clear environmental advantage regarding to the reduction of the use of paper. Almost every public and private organization requires written-on-paper procedures. Then, if we attain to set up the digital information management the documentation management will be much easier, but we will also be avoiding the use of paper, which implies a very important contribution with our environment.