Human Resources

The department of Human Resources receives large amounts of documents daily: licenses forms, certifications, liquidations, payroll payments, etc.

The biggest problem is that the documents from this area are not integrated in dynamic dossiers that gather all the information regarding an employee. This hardens the search of historical records and the monitoring of operations or certifies that the employees hand in. This information is personal and unique, but in some cases, the privacy and integrity of documents cannot be guaranteed since they are not stored in safe places. On the other hand, it is complicated to answer all the requests and suggestions from the employees. As a result, the service provided is deficient.

Direct Benefits to HR

  • Create dynamic and easy-to-handle digital dossiers that provide analyst with all the employee's information: personal data, licenses, certificates handed in, etc.
  • Reduce processing time: The area of HR can increase their productivity up to 60% thanks to immediate search, and the implementation of automatic workflows.
  • Statistics: allows monitoring parameters, for example the average of attendance, and generate reports and statistics, or even compare the data from previous months or years.
  • Create new ways of communication: the documents or the questions and suggestions that the employees send personally, via fax, IVR or web, enter automatically to the workflow.
  • Secure and back up information: you can limit the access to the information and preserve the original documents creating user profiles.