Thuban applied to Plant Maintenance

In a Plant there are two major activities: PRODUCTION and MAINTENANCE. The maintenance of a Plant refers to the dynamism of the factory to ensure that the machinery and other equipments are working properly on schedule.

Identification of problems

  • There are no controls or alerts that allow monitoring the process and detect bottle necks or a problem that could not be resolved on time.
  • There is limited time to control and solve issues related to maintenance.
  • The knowledge about the state of the installations, the flaws and the pending repairs are only known by a few people because this information is not recorded anywhere.
  • Schedule tasks may be complex because of the use of many manual tools such as filing cabinets or paper lists and documents that are not organized or interrelated.
  • Natural delays caused by recording in handwriting.
  • The tasks assigned are verbally transmitted.
  • The lack of active monitoring and alerts may cause delays in maintenance.
  • Difficulty to know the resources that will be needed to repair machines or equipments.

Benefits for Plant Maintenance

  • The information is readily available which makes it easier to make decisions.
  • Reduction of the costs of managing the physical documents:Once the documents are digitized, the user can access them electronically.
  • Automation of maintenance process
  • Reduction of processing time: the reduction of the processing time may be up to 40%. The documents can be consulted immediately and sent to the next area thus expediting the process.
  • The maintenance is done on time: thanks to the automation of the circuit and online monitoring, you can ensure that the maintenance is done on time according to a schedule.