Thuban in Foreign Trade

According to statistics of the World Bank, international trade of goods and services has expanded to an annual equivalent rate of 11% in the period 2000-2007.

This continued growth implicates new opportunities, a bigger operative load and a need to optimize and control the business processes to be successful in a competitive and always changing market.

Identification of problems

- There is no control or online alerts to monitor the whole process and ensure that operations are carried out on time and that there are no bottle necks.
- There is limited time to control or consult.
- The documentation or information required comes from different places and/or in different formats, and, in most of the cases, the analysts do not have all the information they need to work.
- Deficient customer service.
- Lack of space because most of it is used to store files.

Benefits for Foreign Trade

- Reduces processing time: Our clients have reduced the time and cost of foreign trade operations up to 40%. The immediate consult of documents and the automatic routing of files expedite the processing cycles.

- Enables new ways of communication: the operations may be entered through different ways of communication to expedite the time it takes to process a file. The operations may be sent by fax machines located in branches or from the client, by telephone (IVR) or through home banking.

- Operations are carried out on time: the automation of the circuit and online monitoring ensures that all the operations are carried out on schedule. If there were to be any delays, the system will alert the users and/or supervisors.

- Improves customer service:
- The Customer Service Center can consult the files and visualize their state, get in touch with the analyst in charge and give an answer quickly to the customers.
- Online alerts may be set up to inform the clients the state of the processes.
- The clients can access their home banking at any time and check the state of the processes.

- Reduces storage and consult costs: Once the documents are digitalized, users have access to them with no additional recovery cost.