Thuban in Public Administration

To the problems related to political organization, cultural and historical problems, or even endemic problems such as corporatism or clientelism, we add the problems to reach the objectives, problems to ensure the confidentiality of the information, conflicts of interest, the difficulty to control and the centralization of the institutions.

Identification of problems

- Obsolete administrative software: Of all the institutions that carry out the basic function of a treasurer’s office, only a few of them count with proper administrative systems.

- No action plan: Since there is no clear action plan, the administrators cannot establish a schedule or ensure that every process of their department is being carried out on time. The insufficiency of control mechanisms makes their job really difficult.

- Security and confidentiality: Security in the public administration is a very important matter since they deal with private information such as census, salaries and historical records, among others.

- Centralization: the problem with centralization is that it is impossible to work simultaneously on a process in different geographical places.

- Communication: In most of cases, the ways of interaction with customers, or even inside the same organization, are inadequate. Consequently, there are delays in the processes.

Benefits for Insurance Companies

- Scalability: This feature allows storing and processing millions of images per day. The digitalization of files such as taxpayer’s files or property and person registry documents, expedites the processes. Furthermore, not only there will be a reduction of costs and more space to work since there will be no need to use the space to store; but also, the information will be readily available and it will expedite the processes.

- Establishment of workflows: workflows enable the administrators to monitor the tasks that are being carried out and track the time and user who performed them. The processes automation and monitoring expedites the administrative processes notoriously.

- Improve Security: a service that is considered secure has to guarantee the confidentiality of the information and ensures that only authorized personnel has access to them. Thuban® allows creating several users’ profiles and giving them special licenses. Moreover, the digitalization prevents documents from damage or loss.

- Communication: Since there is only one file system for multiple documents that can be access through a users’ interface, all the departments (no matter where they are located) are in contact. This enables the decentralization of processes and subsequent autonomy of the regional branches.