Premium Support Service

Vivatia provides several levels of customer service to adapt to every client’s requirements and needs. Contracting the Premium Support Service will give your business the necessary coverage to guarantee the correct running of the applications.

Support levels
Vivatia counts with five levels of support:
· Primary Support
· Additional Contact Support
· Support 24/7
· Support for Updates and Special Events
· Support for Audits and Certifications
· Floor Support

Primary Support: It is the first level of support. To have this type of support, Thuban’s® annual renewal must be up-to-date. Having this type of support is required to acquire any other service.
Additional Contact Support: This option is particularly value for the organizations that need help for more than one user, especially if they are located in different branches.
Support 24/7: This option was designed to provide help in case of critical problems.
Support for updates and special events: this option was designed to provide assistance to organizations during critical events. For example: when installing updates or when migrating the installation to another infrastructure.
Support for Audits and Certifications: this is a service that was designed to assist organizations and ensure the correct implementation of the technology. Periodical audits and certifications guarantee that the technology is being used correctly and that the application is running properly.
Floor Support: This type of service may be schedule to assist problems.

Software Support
Vivatia will give support for Thuban’s® current version and for a general previous version. If you are using an older version, you have to acquire the update version of the software before receiving any help from the Support center.
- General Version: contains all the new functions. It also contains bug fixes over which a test can be done before activate the version.
- Maintenance version: These versions have bug fixes but no extra functions. The purpose of them is to make a more stable version. It is possible to run a test before activating the version.

- Patches: These have one or more bug fixes which have to be installed in a general or maintenance version, but cannot work independently. It is not necessary to ensure its quality before activating the patch. You can request them in Vivatia’s customer support center or at the web site:

- A valid user name to prove that they have been trained to use Thuban’s® software. The calls from users who do not qualify will be limited to 60 minutes per incident.

Discontinuous Software Support
After certain period of time, a software is considered Discontinuous. For them, there are only two levels of support:
· Self-service Support: you can access the website and check the documents, forums and FAQs.
· Support for updates and special events: It is done outside business hours to update the software or solve critical events. This type of service has to be schedule with a minimum of two weeks of anticipation and the charges correspond to the current values per service.
For further information regarding acquisition and pricing, please contact our Sales Department