Primary Support Service

The Primary Support Service is the initial service package that Vivatia offers

The Primary Support Service is the initial service package that Vivatia offers and it includes:
- Access to product updates (Protection of the Initial investment)
- Unlimited access to self-management tools: online help at Vivatia´s web site (wiki, forum, documentation, FAQs and download patches and fixes)
- Access to Vivatia´s customer service through which you may require direct assistance from the Support center and/or report incidents.
- Acquire services from the Premium Support Service package. It is mandatory that the client has the Primary Support Service before acquiring any service from the next level of support, which includes floor support, audits and certifications, support for product updates and special events, among others.

Primary Support Service in detail

Customer Service Support
An incident is when the users report problems that may have occurred while using the software and assistance from Vivatia’s Support Center was needed. A new incident is created every time a new problem is reported

Initiation of an Incident
There are three ways of reporting an incident:
- Calling Vivatia’s technical support center: When an incident is reported by telephone call, the support engineer will verify if support is required and will register the problem on our incidents monitoring system.
If there is no engineer available and the telephone call is answered by an answering machine, the call will be register and the engineer will call you back. The time this will take depends on the level of support the client has.

- Sending an e-mail to or
- Creating an IT ticket on
The e-mails and tickets reporting new incidents are recorded and monitored in our incidents monitoring system. The user will receive a message informing the time it will take to provide a solution for the problem after it is assigned to one of our support engineers.
It is necessary to check first if the client is able to receive technical support, for that is required to attach, in the e-mail or ticket, the information that Vivatia will require.

We put all of our efforts to provide our clients a high quality level of support that is why we have a highly-qualified support team to respond to our clients’ needs.